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Welcome to our Website, just take a few minutes and picture the scenario:

You are finally there! After a tiresome journey, you are only minutes away from seeing the Holy Kabbah, you have prayed for many years facing the Kabbah, you have seen so many pictures, you have read about the history of the kaabah, and now the moment has come when you will finally be face to face in front of the House of Allah. Adrenalin is rushing through your whole body, the effects of the tiresome journey have vanished, the heart is pumping with the love of the Kabbah, you leave the hotel room donned in your ihram. The magnificence of Masjid Ul Haram strikes you, the beautiful minarets, the blessings and mercy of allah is almost visible, your heart starts to beat faster, the anticipation is growing.

You enter the Masjid Ul Haram, eyes lowered, you are only seconds away, the walk to the Kabbah feels like an eternity, your thoughts are focused on the House of Allah. You stop and are told that the Kabbah is front of you, your get your mind set to take in the magnificence of what is in front you. Then finally you raise your eyes and for the first time your naked eye is fixed on the Kaabah, the beauty of the Kabbah strikes you, a chill of spiritual light goes through your body, tears flow from your eyes as you pray standing in awe of the Kabbah – you have just realised your dream!

Many of you will have already experienced the greatness of the House Of Allah and for others it will be the first time, however, every trip to the holy cities is a unique experience.

Al-Zain is the provider of quality Hajj and Umrah packages which are tailored to meet the needs of every type of pilgrim and to suit every type of budget. Our Hajj and Umrah advisers will ensure that we meet all your requirements every step of the way, with a friendly and professional service.

Please browse through our website for further information and details in regards to our packages and services. Please feel free to call one of our friendly advisers for a no obligations quote.

Al-Zain Team

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