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Makkah Hotels

Grand ZamZam Hotel

Zam Zam Tower which overlooks the Holy Mosque in Kaaba, Saudi Arabia today has a significance of its own. At an ancient holy site, it simply stands as a modernarchitectural marble

ZamZam Tower provides a range of unique services and advantages that distinguish it as the best residential investment project in the Gulf Region.

Hotel Features
  • Residential suites elegantly furnished according to international 5 star standards.
  • Engineered with an architectural concept matching the religious environment of Mecca.
  • Direct connection to the Holy Mosque open space.
  • Close view to the Holy Mosques of Mecca.
  • 36 elevators to serve residents and visitors efficiently.
  • High-tech heating and air-conditioning systems.
  • Grand 7000 sq m shopping centre offering a wide range of brand shops and restaurants.
  • Customised audio system transmitting Azan and prayers from the Holy Mosque direct to the residential suites.
  • Praying space inside the complex and neighbouring areas for 50,000 worshippers.
  • Car park for 1400 cars.
  • Ring roads easily linking the complex to the rest of the Mecca area.
  • Flexible interior design dividing the suites into 5 different types.
  • 24 hour security system.
  • Run by an international hotel management company that provides daily housekeeping and room services.