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Terms and Conditions


All applications for travel with Al Zain must be fully completed and signed using our manual or online booking forms. Forms must be accompanied by a non refundable deposit for each applicant, (i.e. £200 per booking). In the case of online bookings no firm commitment is made until a deposit has been received by us. Once it has been received we will then send you a receipt for your deposit. No commitments will be entered into between the applicant and Al Zain unless a confirmation invoice has been received by the applicant from us.

2. Payment of Balance:

The balance of your chosen must be paid in full at least four (4) weeks prior to departure date. All payments must be in Sterling Pounds. If the balance is not settled by the said time, Al Zain reserves the right to cancel the booking without notice.

3. Documents

It is the responsibility of the applicant to provide all necessary documentation for processing at least four (4) weeks prior to departure. Any applicant who fails to pay his/her balance before the four week deadline will have such documentation returned to them and will forfeit the deposit, as stated in paragraph (1) above or any other deposits given. Applicants who have paid the balance and do not supply the correct documentation before the deadline date will have their bookin cancelled forfeiting their deposit and part of the package cost as stated in paragraph (6).

4. Behaviour:

All applicants who travel with Al Zain are expected to behave in a manner which is conducive to the journey that they are making. Under no circumstances should travellers be involved in brawls, fights or arguments, or display behaviour which would be seen as detrimental to the image which Al Zain desires to be shown by a person undertaking a journey.

5. Change of Booking

Any applicant wishing to change their departure dates, which Al Zain have available at the time of booking or shortly thereafter must do so at least six (6) weeks prior to departure. Alternation fees of £75.00 will be charged for each person who makes a change in their booking options. Persons wishing to add subsequent members to their family group may do so, provided places are available, but will still be subject to the same booking and deposit requirements as stated in paragraph (1).

6. Cancellation

Applicants are required to send a written cancellation notice , Intial deposit (£200) non refundable once Al Zain has confirmed your booking, thereafter any cancellation, five working days before the trip, fees are non refundable, and you the applicant will be liable for the full cost of the package.

7. Difficulties you may have:

In the unlikely event that an applicant finds that there is an element in their package which they dislike and it is within the control of Al Zain, we will endeavour to correct such fault or report the problem to the proper authority for their immediate intervention. This does not include services which do not form part of the trip programmed and or itinerary.

8. Booking Terms and Conditions

This agreement is between Al Zain and you the applicant. On completion of your booking it is agreed that your have accepted and will adhere with all the terms and conditions herein.

9. Booking and Tickets

We endeavour to inform all applicants of the times and dates of travel as soon as they are confirmed by the airline concerned. We will ensure that the confirmation is sent to each applicant (family groups will have one booking confirmation formlisting all party members). A properly completed booking form is the applicant's sole responsibility. Full names must be properly spelled according to each individual passport, as late changes or alterations to the airline tickets will incur a minimum fee of £35.00 per ticket. Each applicant must have a valid vaccination certificate in accordance with Saudi Arabian policy for Hajj and Umrah pilgrimage visas. If any of the above are not notified to us within a specific time, we will not be liable for any difficulties and delays which may arise.

10. Correct Spelling of Names, Titles

All names, titles and initials of those travelling should be correctly given at the time of booking. Changes cannot be made at a later date without extra charges being incurred. Please note too, that correct ages are required for insurance cover within the following bands: (Under 3) (3-18), (Over 65).

11. Delays / Date Changes

We the agent reserve the right to change the departure dates without notice but we will endeavour to inform all applicants of changes made prior to the date of departure. However we will not be liable for delays and / or cancellation of flights to and from the United Kingdom resulting from adverse weather conditions rescheduling times by the Airlines, Airport Authorities and / or actions by the Air Traffic Controllers, mechanical breakdown , strike or industrial action or otherwise, which are beyond our control.

12. Brochures/Adverts/Information

We have compiled the information in our brochure to be accurate at the time of going to press. However, as the brochure and its corresponding information are prepared in advance, there may be instances where an advertised facility may be altered or no longer available, which will be for reasons beyond our control. It may also be necessary for us to change some detail concerning the trip programme and the itinerary due to circumstances beyond our control. It is essential that your expectations of the trip do not surpass what we have outlined in our brochure or exceed the limitations of the Al Zain programme. We accept no liability for any disappointment which may arise as a result of your unrealistic views and expectations. Further more, the operation of certain amenities and facilities may be subject to local or religious laws. Maintenance and local energy conservation measures may mean that hotel or apartments may limit facilities such as air conditioning or water supplies and in some circumstances adverse weather conditions have been known to cause electrical failure. In such circumstances, we accept no liability for these restrictions; neither do we accept any liability for loss or damage arising from the above. The operation and supervision of overseas property, transport and other services are subject to local laws, regulations, standards and codes of practice of individual countries. The legal and safety requirements of many foreign countries are of a lower standard than that of the U.K. You should note that the standards imposed will be that of the country you are visiting and not of the U.K.

13. Accommodation

All our hotel rooms are shared accommodation and individuals wishing for private rooms need to book in advance the required room and ensure adequate payment is made. Star rating is according to the Saudi Ministry of Trade standards, all information pertaining to room conditions and facilities has been supplied by our agents and has not been verified by us, we do endeavour to ensure that as at the time of going to press, the accommodation is of the highest quality which we can provide, given the limitations which we encounter. We reserve the right to make changes to the name of the hotel accommodation without notice. Accommodation in Mina and Arafat is in the tents provided by the Hajj Ministry; please note that there are no tents in Muzdalifah.

14. Price changes

It may be necessary to increase the costs of the advertised package at any time without notice due to some elements beyond our control.

15. Insurance

It is a condition of booking with every tour operator that you have adequate insurance cover. Such insurance will ensure that you are properly covered against unexpected cancellation charges, medical costs that might be incurred while you're away, loss of money, or belongings, or personal liability claims. Please note that the cover offered by most credit card companies is not normally adequate for package holiday or holiday flight bookings. Al Zain do not offer insurance cover with any of its products, Al Zain would strongly urge you, to make your own independent insurance provision

16. Our Commitment

Al Zain has taken all steps to ensure that your journey is conducted with minimum difficulties and as comfortable as possible. In the event that any difficulty should arise which has not been mentioned above, we will endeavour to correct such difficulty without any delay and with minimal inconvenience.